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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Snowflakes on a Sunny Day

One year I cut dozens of snowflakes out of waxed paper. To me they were amazing. But by the next day I could not use my 'cutting' hand for anything.
This year we got a new coffee machine, which left me with hundreds of the old kind of coffee filters.
Have you tried this? I didn't dare cut too many, so I assisted Famke as she snipped to her hearts content.
I did cut out an "A" snowflake for her, which REALLY impressed her. My grandchildren, like my children before them, have never been impressed with anything I make, so I was equally thrilled.
And I'll have you know that I came VERY close to making a snowflake that looked like eight Dutch girls holding hands in a circle. Not close enough where I would take a picture of it, but maybe soon.
Famke enjoys one on one time, but it does not happen often enough. This afternoon Jonge was in school and the little brothers both napped for over two hours at the very same time. Even though it felt like I could have used a good two hour nap, I'm glad we found something to do together that we both enjoyed.
Of course, soon Kado woke up and was invited to join us. Cutting snowflakes did not appeal to him at all, but he sat at the table and fashioned hats for himself.
And for me. Because he's sweet like that.


Melissa said...

Well, for what it is worth, the things you make impress me.

Mary said...

I agree with Melissa, the things you make impress me.

MissKris said...

What an artist! Takes after her Grandma!

Janie Fox said...

We make these and hang them from the dining room light at their house. It is on my list when I get home. Your kiddos make me miss mine.

Pat said...

Obviously creative talent runs in your family!!