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Friday, December 23, 2011


Today I gave my dog a hair cut. Nobody needs to see a picture of that, so I'll add a few more from yesterday. After cookie baking there was some time left for 'crafts'. I'm not exactly sure what that means to Jonge and Famke, but if it involves any sort of coloring or cutting, they are in! The day was so calm and quiet. Even today, Zeek was happy to have his hair cut and he didn't give me any trouble at all. Tonight THGGM and I shall cuddle up under a quilt with a large bowl of popcorn and watch "Holiday Inn". Unless I am forgetting something, all that's left to do is wrap the presents!


Anvilcloud said...

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Last day for Christmas and eldest son is coming for three whole days, youngest is for 6 weeks in U s a for work and holidays. Because of eldest coming home I have bought a baby turkey, when the applepie is finished in aboud an hour the turkey will go in the oven, it looks like a large souphen, but not larger, so I am sure all will go well. Judy, happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year to you and all those you love. Margaret from the Netherlands. Hugs.

Alice said...

Merry Christmas Eve