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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Sister's Surprise 60th Birthday Party!

And again, most of my pictures failed to turn out.

But, I HAD to post these anyway, as my niece, nephew, and great nephew pulled off a MASSIVE feat by SURPRISING their mom with a SIXTIETH birthday party!

Seriously.  No one has ever been able to pull something over on her, so it was an exciting thing to behold!
I find this picture especially amusing, as the perspective causes it to seem that my sister is standing on the edge of the coffee table.

Do you see it?

I do.

And it makes me laugh every time.

But I'm weird and a bit strange too, so maybe it's just me.
 This is one side of the birthday card I made.

It is helpful to have a studio/workshop where all this stuff is at my fingertips.

And here you have the only other picture that turned out.

It's THGGM and Oldest Son.

They do look very much alike.

And now in just a few more days we will travel back to my sister's home where she will stuff us full of the best turkey and gravy known to man.


Rebecca said...

You ARE related to the nicest people, Judy! (And blessed to live close enough to share the big and small celebrations with them, too.) That is a very creative card! You really should catalog it in your post's labels.

Happy Thanksgiving (in case I don't return to visit you before then)!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

THX for sharing. LIFE is good! Memories are where it's at and what it's all about!

Anonymous said...
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Alice said...

Well, it seems like everyone is finally getting better except the camera!

Happy Thanksgiving