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Monday, March 04, 2013


Wow.  What a Monday.

Everyone was happy and a wee bit sleepier than usual.

Kado took a FOUR HOUR nap.

Seems like he was hardly even here!

But he was.  This boy is so fun.

Several times a day he will say to me, "Beppe, can I ask you a question?"

The questions are always very well thought out and interesting.

If I had any sort of memory left I would tell you what they were.

He also tells very interesting stories.  Today at lunch he told me that Jesus told Santa to "shut up".

Of course, he isn't allowed to say that, but when framed in a story about Jesus, well, he is just repeating what Jesus said.  Did you notice that these words are not in red?  That's because I don't buy it.
 Notice Feintsje's hand in this picture?

Yet another grandchild experiencing the joy of catching dust particles as they float around my living room.

Although I DO appreciate the return of sunshine, it does have a down side.
And Hertsje?  She does like peas!

Actually, there is not much that she doesn't like.

She took a two hour morning nap and Feintsje took two one hour naps.

There was a twenty minute time period when all three of them were sleeping at the same time.

I never dare dream of this happening, but when it does I DO enjoy it!

Oh, and Feintsje learned a new word today.  He can now say LIPS!  It's adorable.


Melissa said...

Wow!! There was some serious sleeping going on at your house today!!

Rebecca said...

I need a grandchild to visit for awhile and catch dust particles. I SURE have a lot flying around here!

And I love the Jesus/Santa Claus concept. I think Jesus' actual words - well in King James English anyway - were "Get thee behind me, Satan!".

I like the nap thing. My husband was gone all day yesterday and I took one myself...

Debra said...

You crack me up! Especially as to why those words were not in red. heh. Have a fun Tuesday! Blessings, Debra