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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ten in Ten

Can I come up with ten things I did on this Saturday?  Let's see...
1.  The morning started out rather promising.  The heat and humidity abated somewhat and I was feeling a touch more alive.
2.   THGGM and I picked up Feintsje and his mommy for breakfast.  It's always fun to see the grand kids individually rather than as part of a group.  Feintsje is a sweetheart.  I sweetened him up even more by giving him some of the contents of a sugar packet.  Don't know what I was thinking, what with my being diabetic and all that.  But, as you can well imagine, the boy LOVED it!
3.  After breakfast THGGM dropped me off at my favorite thrift store.  Actually, it is the only thrift store I go to anymore.  I just don't NEED anything.  But at this one I tend to find a lot of things that I like.  Today's finds were a metal file box in a nice medium size, and a small doll in a backpack.  I also found three Gooseberry Patch cookbooks from a series I am collecting.
4.  After that we came home.  I had a great many plans I wished to complete, but I took a nap instead.
5.  When I woke up, I made a cup of coffee and took another nap.
6.  Youngest Son and Hertsje stopped over so I woke up to answer the door.  Hertsje and I had a good time playing together.  We poured water from the pool into all the little enamelware teapots that have made their way into the backyard and have taken up residence there.  She refused to talk about Broeder, whom she calls YaYa.  He is now a robust 9 lbs. 4 oz. and for some reason has decided that he loves to roll over already.
7.  When Hertsje left I thought I would start a project in the basement that I have been putting off.  While I was thinking about doing that I fell asleep.
8.  THGGM woke me up to show me what he had done in the backyard.  He removed the Desert Candle plants that I do not like.  They have very poky leaves that can easily cut cute little arms and legs as they retrieve  lost balls from the foliage. Now there is more room to play.  He claims that they came out without much trouble, which makes me rather mad at myself for not doing this sooner.
9.  So I came back in with a happy heart and pinned all manner of things to my Pinterest boards.  Things that I just MAY try to do someday when I am not so unbelievably tired that no amount of coffee could jar me from it.  And then I took another nap.
10. For the better part of the evening, I watched Big Bang Theory reruns whilst crocheting yo-yos for the wool bracelets I am knitting on my Punniken, and had tea while watching Keeping Up Appearances, just because that seemed like the appropriate thing to do.
So that was my Saturday.  Hopefully tomorrow I will not be so awfully tired.

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