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Saturday, October 04, 2014

On Monday We Made Things

We made things.

Feintsje does enjoy telling stories with the story rocks.

I made a few more.

Feintsje had some very good ideas for me.

Swings, a balloon (for birthdays), and a Christmas tree (because he is very excited for Christmas - imagine that).

I came up with a castle and a chicken.  He could not understand why I wanted a chicken.

 In the summer, on those days when I had all six kids, I would plan for things to do.

Mostly, they NEVER happened.

Although we had a nice time and I remember those summer days with great fondness, there were not many days that much of anything happened as I had planned.

So, imagine my delight when on Monday, by 9:30 am Feintsje and I had already done EVERYTHING I had planned for the day!

This meant we did a lot more things.

Including watercolor painting in the backyard.

Oh, I DO love my backyard.  Especially during these less humid days of Fall.

And of course, when my planned and spontaneous ideas were done, Feintsje continued to have fun playing trucks in the dirt pile.  The dirt pile seems to have become its own ecosystem, and also a graveyard for the plastic dinosaurs THGGM keeps running over with the lawnmower.

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