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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Gift Basket Exchange

 This has become a favorite St. Nicholas Eve tradition!
 I believe this is our third year of doing this.

We exchange baskets filled with all those Christmas-y things one can enjoy between now and Christmas day.

And we all put something in a basket for the children too!

Of course, they get candy in their basket, but I also have my wooden shoes filled with candy also.  

 Broeder was THRILLED with this ball that lights up!

There were also Christmas CDs. DVDs, and books to enjoy during the advent season.

Candles, and coffees, and soaps, and cute Christmas-y dishtowels.

 A good time was had by me.  And I think everyone else too!


Anonymous said...

how did you do the exchange...we are going to have gift baskets at our family party...and not sure how to do it....

have a blessed Christmas,
suzi failing

Judy said...

Suzi - Dana assigns a couple to us. Since we are now doing this every year, she keeps track of who has who. It works out great!