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Sunday, December 07, 2014

My Kind of Doll House

This cabinet sits in a corner of our living room.

The top shelf holds four Avon figurines that were gifts many long years ago.  I usually had them on shelves in our den, but this year, I got an idea.

In the past, the skaters and snowmen were on a buffet or dresser top.  I thought that might be too much for Broeder to resist so behind glass doors they go, where he can still SEE them, but cannot quite get at them.

And that family on the bottom shelf?  Some years I never even took them out of their boxes.  Now they have a place of their own.  I even added a couple of mirrors to reflect the light around.  I also gave them a buffet complete with a crochet table cloth and blue and white tea set.  And they have rugs!  A braided rug and a wool tapestry.  There were even more things, but who knew?  I scaled it back!

And thanks to the Ikea candles to which I added rechargeable batteries, I can keep it lit up.  I also added a string of battery operated lights to the top shelf, but I still need two C batteries for that.

I'll be tweaking this until the day I put it all away. But that's what I do - I tweak!  And I get ideas.  This was one of them.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

It's absolutely beautiful.
Thank you for sharing.

Mitzi said...

Your house is so charming. It truly expresses who you are. I love the china cabinet display

Rebecca said...

Nice! Really nice. What a great idea.