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Thursday, January 08, 2015

How Is YOUR 2015 Going So Far?

In my world, I am presently riding out "blizzard-like" conditions and trying to overcome a "flu-like" ailment.

It all held off until after the Christmas holidays.  For that I am deeply thankful.

This picture was taken at John Ball Park on the day we took our annual October family picture.

It's one of my favorites.


Anvilcloud said...

We are healthy enough to, but OMG it's cold.

Mitzi said...

We had 15 kids and Grandkids here for Christmas and thankfully no flu.
Have settled into the New Year-waiting to head to Florida for 6 weeks.
As I write this in Byron Center it is snowing and blowing so hard, we cannot see across the street. Lovely to be stranded at home with our books, internet and the TV.
Stay well.

Rebecca said...

It's about that exciting here, too.....Ladies' Bible study called off this morning 'cause schools were, too, so more time to try to finish Somewhere Safe with Someone Good (Jan Karon).