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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We Ventured Out Today

 It seemed as if I had allowed enough time to recover, so out we went!
 Our first stop was Sutton's Bay.  I love this shop.  Even in the rain.
 Fishtown in Leland was just too rainy.  Everything everywhere was gray.  We didn't eat at The Cove.  I am sad about that.  But fried food was out of the question.
 Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor looked lovely even in the rain!  Some places just do.  And I don't mind rain very much.  It tends to clean things up nicely!

That pretty yellow flower?  It is a popcorn flower.  Apparently, it smells like popcorn.

Our only purchases of the day happened at Cherry Republic.  Maybe someday I will be able to eat them!
Next we drove to Empire and stopped at the Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitor Center.  This bear startled me.  It wasn't there in July when we last visited.  No.  There was a cougar there then.  I remember things like that.
Our last stop was dinner for our anniversary.  By the time we got there I was running a fever again.  Day six of fevers.  I'm getting a bit tired of this.  But it is our 37th anniversary, so I soldiered on.

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