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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Kentwood Baseball League

After a busy first day of summer vacation, what could be more fun than a baseball game?

Jonge is a good baseball player. You would want him on YOUR team.
 Every week the teams show great improvement.
 Jonge is number 10.  He found the cool red batting helmet at the thrift store last year.  He could not wait to use it, and now he can!  It is okay that I brag about this kid, isn't it?  After all, he is not MY child, and did not get his athletic abilities from me.  No.  Not from me.  Anyway.., can you tell we are all proud of him?
 He LOOKS like a baseball player too.
Oh, and the other kids found interesting ways to keep themselves entertained.  Oh Summer Fun, we are soooo glad to have you back!

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