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Monday, June 01, 2015

My Birthday

 Ever since I was a little girl, all I've ever wanted to do on my birthday is go to the zoo.
Today my wish came true!  THGGM had the day off.

Daughter did not.  But she went in to work, found that she didn't have much to do, so decided to take the day off.

 We wandered around for hours, not even realizing how quickly time was passing.
 It had been a couple of years since I'd been there.  I noticed many significant changes, all for the good!

 And I loved seeing the Grand Rapids skyline from the top of the hill.
 We did not ride the Funicular, but it did look FUN!
 Feintsje had a great time too!

And of course, a trip to John Ball Park Zoo would not be complete without a visit to John Ball himself.

It comes as no surprise that I took hundreds of pictures.  So expect more.  Maybe.

I am now 57 years old, so it may take a while.

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