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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Yucky Bucky Gross and Disgusting

Today I did a lecture series on what one cannot put in ones mouth.

Mud.  One cannot put  mud in ones mouth.

Broeder also had a lesson in how to swish and spit.

He LOVED that part of it.  

Feintsje and Hertsje are just observers.  They are both sooooo over putting gross stuff in their mouths.

Thank God.
 Water is good.

But, if you then proceed to fill your cup of nice clean cold water up with maple tree helicopters the water is no longer good.

It is now gross.

Swish and spit AGAIN, after the cup is cleaned out.
 I was certain that I had gotten through.  Yucky, bucky, gross, disgusting, I used all the words.  Then, I caught this picture and SCREAMED.  NO!!!!
I think I caught him just in time.  His sweet little hand smelled horrible, but his mouth did not.

Still I washed it out good, and again we did the swish and spit, swish and spit.

Broeder has a VERY clean mouth.

If you would like for me to lecture you about what one can and cannot put in ones mouth, I would be ever so happy to provide my lecture series to you.

Or, I could just give you the basic condensed version:


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Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, I can beat you on that lecture. Of course the children can put mud in their mouths, or caterpillars, worms, poisonous plants, even things you have to pick up after the dog or not tp pick up, but cows and horses drop it too, only the smell most;y prevents the in-yhe-mouth-putting part. I changed that sentence to: I do not want you to put that in your mouth, it is ugly. (because youngsters tend to wish to prove to you they can). It is like telling an adult you can not drive trough red lights, of course you can, but you could also be hit very hard. I liked the worst mum in the world who said this: tell your children they can talk to strangers (with enough personal body-space between), but never accept food or sweets without a wellknown adult aproving and never go with a stranger anywhere. Otherwise they can not ask for help if they have lost their way or ring the bell at a house (not enter it) if they feel threatened. Boy, we have gotten rid of wolves and bears on our paths (well, mostly) but there are new wolves and bears around: cars, trains, strangers with dark thoughts and yes, mud and worms and the likes. But, on the sunny side, when taught at a young age what you can eat and what to leave alone, you learn the quickest (and a mouth full of coarse mud is no fun!) Dutch Margreit