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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Even MORE Zoo

From the view of the city we meandered back down to see more monkeys.
The monkeys never disappointed.

There is always one willing to do something disgusting for the visitors.

Not this one.


I won't share that picture.

THGGM and I were thankful for all the benches spread around the zoo.
This is  some kind of wolf.  It doesn't look like a wolf from Michigan.
This one was particularly interested in Hertsje.

It ran down to meet her face to face.

She was thrilled!

Then it seemed to be calling to its friend,

"Hey, come here and meet Hertsje!"
And now we pause and reflect.
Now on to the cougar!
One can learn a lot at the zoo.

One, two, three, four, five...

This is Jonge face to face with a grizzly  bear.

We used to have to hurry past them while not looking.  But Jonge has grown up since those olden days of yore.

Six.  - I have counted all six of them.

We are good to move on to the next thing.
Everyone had a chance to see the grizzlies up close.

But what Broeder seemed to enjoy most was running free and hiding behind signs.

And there will still be even more zoo pictures to come!

(you do not seem surprised...)

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