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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Last Game Last Night

 Last night was the second playoff game.

The team they were playing had some big guys on it, and everyone had been told they were unbeatable.
They were.

But boy, did these kids play their hearts out.

The final score was 10 -12.  But they didn't take the lead until the sixth of seven innings.
Jonge made a few more amazing catches.
And a few more amazing throws.
At Jonge's very last at bat for the season, this very large hawk swooped in over the field.

Nope.  They did not win.

But it was still a victory!

Because that is the name of the team, Victory Phones.

And what great coaches.
Jonge was terribly disappointed to lose.

But when we talked about it today, he seemed very pleased with his season.

This was his very first experience playing organized baseball.  Some of these kids have been playing it since T-ball.

He made the All Star team, he made the only home run for his team, his team won first place in their division.

Not a bad first experience!  Oh, and the team is going to a Detroit Tiger's baseball game later this week, where they will be treated to box seats.

The only down side for Pake and me?  What are we going to do with all of our free nights now that the season is over?


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Judy said...

Thank you for letting me know! I have NOT changed my email address, so I am going to be checking into this.