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Monday, July 06, 2015

Even More Zoo

My goal in this zoo trip was to see the tigers in their new caged walkway which opened on the night of the day we last attended the zoo.

We saw it then, and I could not imagine how amazing it would be to walk through the woods with tigers.
But I still don't know what that would be like, because the tigers had no desire at all to walk through that walkway while we were there.
Although we did get to hear this one ROAR.

It was impressive.
This tiger even walked right up to the doorway to the new walkway, but then turned around.

He let out a few huge ROARS, and then laid down and took a nap.

Ugh.  What can you do?
 Play on one of the nicely appointed play areas for kids!

I think they would agree they liked this better than the roaring tiger.

Silly kids.

But the play areas at John Ball Zoo are so fun!
And we continue to count,




All six of them, looking at the city.
I love this view, and was rather surprised that everyone seemed to.

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