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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It Was A Lovely Weekend

What a GORGEOUS weekend!

It ended up not being has hot as expected.

I am fine with that.

So we headed to Saugatuck.

It is beautiful there.
THGGM and I walked along the channel.

If you want to cross the channel (I believe it is actually the Kalamazoo River) you need to ride on this ferry that is on cables.

See the man in the orange shirt?

He is cranking it across.

I've never ridden on it, but it does look like fun.

Mostly, we just meandered around.

First down the marina to look at huge yachts.

Then to the downtown area to browse around interesting shops.

There were also flowers everywhere.

I love these purple ones!

And note the herbs growing in rain gutters attached to the building just for the purpose of growing herbs.  What a great idea!

You should go there.

Cindy's is wonderful also.

Saugatuck has a very interesting array of shops downtown.

So much to see, and the prices aren't too bad.

 But, the flowers!

I do love purple coneflowers.
There are a few nice gardens spots.

Everything seemed to be blooming too!
Orange roses.
We stopped for ice cream at Charlie's.

It was still morning.

Ice cream for breakfast dessert!

THGGM got peppermint patty.

For me, it was blue moon.

Charlie's had just opened, so we did not even have to wait.
See what I mean about the flowers?
 I have no idea what this is, but it is both beautiful and interesting.
I love this plant!

It has a very Dr. Seuss-ish look, doesn't it?

After strolling through Saugatuck we drove a few short miles south to Douglass.

There is a nice large antique mall there.

And I shall have you know, we bought nothing.

See?  We CAN do it!

And you doubted.

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