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Friday, August 21, 2015

Vacation Monday Evening

Monday evening was lovely also.
The view changes, yet somehow remains the same.
I had to keep moving my chair back to get out of the sun.

This was above me.

Such a lovely canopy.
Do you remember how fun iron railings are to climb on?
Or how fun it is to whack a volley ball around?

Or how fun it is to stack up blocks?

When I showed Kado this picture, he said, "Oh man, I look awful!"

He looks adorable to me.  Where do kids get this?

 More pre-dinner fun in the side yard.

 Lunch was grilled brats, hot dogs, and zucchini, and a plethora of salads. For dinner we feasted on lasagna and garlic bread.
 And after that, we went down to the deck to watch the sunset.  But clouds came out, obscuring our view.  But no matter, the MOON came out.  A nice new moon.  Can't beat that.

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