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Friday, August 21, 2015

Vacation Monday Afternoon

At some point someone found an anchor to tie all the floaties to.

THAT was very helpful, as otherwise the waves would take one much farther down the beach than one wanted to go.

I wasn't the only one who did not swim on Monday.

Youngest Son didn't either.

So I had someone to visit with up on deck.

 And after swimming, floating, splashing in the lake, there was more deck sitting.

Have I mentioned that the view NEVER disappoints?

It never does.
This would be looking towards Holland.

Tunnel Park is a mile or so that direction, and a mile or so farther is Holland State Park and Big Red.
There was a box of toys that Kado found extremely intriguing.

Vintage blocks, wooden puzzles, and an assortment if interesting things to play with.

Swimming, when it isn't relaxing, is exhausting.

Or so I'm told, and remember.

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