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Friday, August 21, 2015

Vacation Monday Morning

On Monday I had a morning cup o' Broeder.

Sunday was so much fun that everyone came back to do it all over again on Monday.
There was even a giant excavator for Broeder to play with.  Giant excavators are his favorite thing after firetrucks.  But he only likes to see them in books, or play with them as toys.  The REAL things scare him!  Because, as he says "Too loud!"
Kado is explaining to me who each Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is.  

It never helps.  I can't ever remember which one is which.
Daughter-in-law2 brought along a relative she was caring for that day.  He is nine.  So is Jonge.  They had a GREAT time together.  
See what I mean about the giant excavator?  He LOVES it!

I'm not kidding.  There was just SO much to do here.

Although, I only read.

That is what vacation means to me.

Relax, read, repeat.

Everyday the lake looked different too.
And if you wanted to be held, there were always arms available for you.
See what I mean?
Yup.  Everyone had a great time.
Oldest Son and youngest grandson.
What could be better than this?
Everybody is happy, and we haven't even been in the water yet!

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