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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vacation Sunday Morning

Sunday morning I slept in.  Only Feintje slept later than I did.  We must have been tired.

I took my coffee out on the deck.
Because even while drinking coffee I have my camera in my hand, I thought it would be nice to take a picture of the canopy of trees I was sitting under.

As I tipped my camera up, THIS flew into one of the trees!
We knew redheaded woodpeckers were around, as we saw a flash of one in a tree over the picnic table when we were having dinner Saturday night.

But to catch one with my camera?  WOW!
And then I was handed this!

Son-in-law is not only an expert with the grill, he also makes a mean omelet! 

This was delicious, and he made them for two other breakfasts as well.

I can't recall many times that I've seen the morning sun over Lake Michigan.

 Sunday was STILL hot and muggy, but that made it great for morning swimming.
 Are you getting the idea that I had a really great time on my vacation?  Oh, yes.  TOTALLY made up for the one that I had the flu the entire time. 

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