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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vacation Sunday Afternoon

For most of Sunday afternoon I read my book, At Home - by Bill Bryson.

Sitting on a deck reading a good book while listening to Lake Michigan is my idea of a great vacation.
Forty-nine steps below me, this was happening!
This is what vacation looks like to all the other people in my family.

I actually took a few hundred MORE pictures, but accidently deleted them.  Ugh. 

But, this is what most of them would have looked like anyway!
All of the kids and grandkids were at the cottage for the day.

They had so much fun that everyone came back on Monday to do it all over again! 
And all I had to do was occasionally look up from my book to take a few hundred pictures or so.
Sun block flowed freely.
Playing in the sand was always an option.
There was always someone to play with.

Oldest Son has a reputation for splashing. 

Ever since he was a baby who could just barely sit up in a pool of water, splashing was his "thing".
 Obviously, it still is!
If you were of the younger set, it was also fun to just go in and out and in and out without anyone at all minding that you were doing it!
Broeder, taking in the view from the deck.
 On Sunday we noticed a large something-or-other turning into the channel a couple of miles away.  I zoomed in, and we were able to make out that it was a cruise ship.  Very cool to see!  One can cruise the great lakes from Toronto to Chicago.  If I were ever to go on a cruise, which is not likely, THAT would be the kind of cruise I would want to go on!
Of course, I also took pictures of nature-y things.

Like an inch worm in a boy's hand.

Is it an inch worm?  I'm not sure.

But it was tiny, green, and moved like one.
Youngest Son and his son, Broeder.

There is a drop of something on my lens.  It happens.
 Considering that there were fourteen of us at the cottage for the day there was plenty of room to spread out.  Backyard for bikes and scooters, side yard for the corn hole game, front yard for baseball and playing catch, many flat surfaces for games and puzzles, two layers for sand play, AND Lake Michigan.  NOBODY ever said that they were bored.  I can't imagine a day being as nearly perfect as Sunday afternoon at the cottage.

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