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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Vacation Tuesday Afternoon

There was time to relax and reflect after lunch.

From the oldest (me) to the youngest (Feintsje) we did that.
 Then it was time to get back into the water.

Pake got there first.

Putting on sun block is a family affair.

I read in the shade.

Yet, I turned red.  In the shade.
Pake is still floating.

Such a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

For them, and for me, who was reading and watching them float.

But all good things must come to an end.

I really don't think anybody minded getting out of the water, as it was still right there and could be gotten into again at a moments notice.

And, there were PUZZLES!
On Tuesday Daughter and Son-in-law went on a date night into Holland.

They had dinner out and walked along the pier.

I out did myself by making macaroni and cheese.

With a side of sliced cucumbers.

These kids LOVE cucumbers.
 Hen and Chicks?  I believe so.
Gone are the days that I could twist myself up like a pretzel, but it is still quite entertaining to have a deep conversation with Kado while he does just that.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Judy, shake hands. I manage to get sunburned (having put on sunblock) on an overall clouds and whole day raining (raincapes and boots) day when I have to sit and watch something before me all day (like motorraces) or, but it was llovely sunshine wheather wednesday Sail-in Amsterdam. I had my knitted by me stole with me and could keep off most of the sunrays, so I got just a little burned, but it did sting for a day or two. Thank you, Frisian redhaired forebear from the 1720's, it still goes in the family, though I am the last familymember who burnes like that, my youngest son only gets sunbiurned when he is all day along water with no protection.Yes, I am a "foxy" blond with a reddish shine, although now I am turning whitegrey in the front and, believe it or not, getting darkblond in the neck. My hairdressers are all in awe and like to cut my hair themselves, rather than letting a collegue do it, mij hair is as easy to dress as applepie, but after two days it wants its own way. Well, cutting it short like yours is the right answer to that. DM (happy to see all have wonderfu;l holidays)!