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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Friday At the Zoo

Friday was the PERFECT day to go to the zoo.

Well, perfect if you are like me and do not like crowds or hot muggy weather.

Because there was none of that.

This time it was just Feintje and his mommy.

The first thing we did, after climbing on the statue of John Ball of course, was to ride the Funicular up the hill.

I've been wanting to do that.

It was FUN.

Friday was the third time I've been to the zoo this year.

I love the view from the top of the hill.
Daughter has a large picture in her living room of her entire family on this carved log.

But today, it was just these two!

I believe I may have mentioned before about the many interesting play areas at the zoo.

This is one that we have missed in the past.

But not today!

I'm sure it looks different when it is swarming with children, but since today wasn't like that AT ALL we got to experience it all to ourselves.

They played.

I took pictures.
Logs, stumps, branches, twigs, sooo much to do!
Quite possibly we could have played here all day.

But there were so many other things to see.

 Oh, yes.  The tigers were out and about.  This one seems a little bit too close to me.  But Feintje loved it.  And again, the tigers were not at all interested in running through the woods with us in their specially made enclosure.  But alas, life is full of disappointments and one must just deal with it.  I whined for a bit.  And we moved on.

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