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Saturday, September 12, 2015

More of the Zoo on a Lovely Friday in September

The king of the jungle wasn't in the mood to impress.

Do note that he IS keeping his eye on us.  Well, one eye anyway.

Most of the animals were more active than usual.  Just not the lions, or these guys.
These two were hard to keep up with.

They are not inclined to linger while I take pictures of flowers.  I almost had to run to keep up.  But since I do not run, I didn't.
Most of the snakes were on the move too.  Except for this guy.  The only reason I have his picture is because he was the only one holding still.
This river otter was having a wonderful time chasing his tail.
The bobcats were active too.
This grizzly bear would not let his mate come down to see us.

She wanted to, but he has a firm "NO" and she didn't mess with it.
The mountain lions were especially entertaining.

This is Feintje doing his best impression of the two-toed sloth.  
And as always, the penguins and Daughter got along swimmingly.
It won't be long until Feintje has the wingspan of a red-tailed hawk!

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