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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Fun Find

Today THGGM and I did our usual Saturday morning routine.

Breakfast was at Russ'.  We made it inside just before the heavens opened and torrential rains fell.  All this happened while the sun continued to shine.  It was beautifully weird.  We were absolutely certain there would be a rainbow, but if there was we did not see it.

And for those who wonder, I had the strawberry waffle.  It is THE best.

Next we headed just down the street a bit to our favorite thrift store.

There I found this shiny white thing-y.  It was by all of the jewelry boxes and is marked P(ottery)B(arn)Teen.

It has good amount of detail, including a beveled mirror.

And it was only $4.00.  I happen to know that my American Girl Doll will never acquire anything from the actual AG doll catalog, so I keep my eyes open for things that might work for her.  Or, for Famke's doll.  I haven't decide yet what I'll do with it, but I am pleased to have it!
AND, we also had a 20% off punch card that was full!  So, it was truly a deal!

After that, we split up.  THGGM went his way while I perused the sale and clearance merchandise at Michael's.  I even ventured into the fall decor aisle, even though there is nothing I could possible need there.  Not that that has ever stopped me before.  I was not even tempted.  Okay, maybe just a little bit tempted, but I did not buy even a plastic pumpkin or a styrofoam gourd.  Be proud of me, be very VERY proud!

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rebecca said...

I AM proud of you. Very, VERY proud.