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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

More From Allers Pond

Let's see what else we can catch!
It's a crayfish.
We all looked at this for a good long time.

Then we let it walk back into the pond.
The net was the most popular item.
So much to catch, but only one net.
 I think everyone who wanted to had a turn with it.
Although I do think Oldest Son and Daughter had it more than anyone else.
But someone knew who the TRUE owner of the net was!
Oldest Son, reflecting.

Or maybe just wishing that he had the net.

Oldest Son and Pretty Good Nephew.  Wasn't it just yesterday that they were the ages of THEIR nephews?  Yes.  I'm sure it was.  Or at least lasterday, which is what Kado used to refer to any time beyond yesterday.  Lasterday.  It's a good word.

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