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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

On Sunday we went to my sister and brother-in-law's house for one last summer picnic before four of these seven kids head back to school.  They probably won't see my sister's grandson again until Thanksgiving.  Wow.  School really can mess with fun, can't it?
My brother-in-law grilled pork steak.  It was GREAT!

Then it was down to Allers Pond to hunt for frogs and things like that.

They were NOT hard to find!
The kids had a blast!

My kids especially.

It took the grand kids a bit longer to brave the water that was TEAMING with frogs.  Seriously.  Amazing how they would all jump into the water while I just casually walked along the shore.
See?  Nary a wet child's foot yet.

But it did eventually happen.

And although several came close, no one actually fell in.
Broeder was impressed by the captured frog.

He insisted that it was a monster.
Nope.  No monsters in there.

Just a frog.
My youngest with his youngest.

Oldest Son, Daughter, and Hertsje were the most "into" catching critters.

At least at first.

Everyone eventually got into it.
But Hertsje truly seems to have a passion for it.
And would you look at this?

Snake grass!

I haven't seen this since I was a child, long ago in the olden days of yore.

I wasn't even sure they still made this.


The brave souls in these pictures caught more interesting things, and I was able to get some close ups of a dragonfly.

I took 480 pictures Sunday.  I might be able to find just a couple more to post.

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