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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sunday Dinner

Please note the name of the restaurant  pictured above.  That is were we ate.  We had the baked ziti, and split tiramisu for dessert.

This restaurant is in the old Story and Clark Piano factory, an exceptionally charming venue for small shops and restaurants.  
THGGM really wanted to eat here, and was trying to tell me which Grand Haven restaurant it was.

But he could not remember the name.

We have gotten old and forgetful.

This is how we came to it.

He began with: "Remember that Italian restaurant, we ate there with Yvonne and Tony last summer, we had the really good pasta, I think it's name is a mushroom.  You know, the giant kind of mushroom that you can use instead of a hamburger?"

After a loooong thoughtful pause as I try to remember, "Portobello"?

Him:  "Yes!  Let's go there!"  And so we did.

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