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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Favorite Finds of the Day

My favorite thrift store had 50% off everything this week.  I didn't make it there until the last day, so imagine my surprise to still find stuff I wanted!  This Bakelite domino set was 50 cents.  THGGM also did well.  He found this Eddie Bauer sweater for five dollars and a pair of Rockport loafers (not shown) for two dollars.  THGGM also went to Younkers, armed with one of those great coupons they mail out from time to time.  He is looking for something for his birthday.  He didn't find anything.  But, the shoes and sweater where quite the find, so he didn't cry about it or anything.  Oh, and orange is one of this favorite colors - so, yea!

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rebecca said...

Well, congratulations! (My husband's entire shoe wardrobe for a l-o-n-g time has come from thrift stores. We're not proud.) Just WAIT till you see what I got. I posted about my framing magic this afternoon but I have a thrift store haul post coming up early next week :)