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Monday, October 12, 2015

Sleep Over for Four

The weekend weather was lovely!

We had the oldest four grandchildren over night.

Normally we would take them places and do things out and about.

But this time we did something different.

We stayed home.

I had totally lost all sight of how often children need to eat, how many plates, cups, and spoons that entails (we are missing spoons over here!) and just how often the dishwasher needed to run.
You may wonder what they are doing here.

The boys are playing "spies".

Their sister is pretending it is Halloween.

This means that she is passing out handfuls of peanuts and candy corn to anyone who comes to the door and says "Trick or Treat".
These two are a pair.

One of them only likes peanuts.

And the other only candy corn.

Just inside the door THIS was happening.

Good-bye green.

Hello Norwegian blue!

To say that this was not my idea of something to do while having four children for the weekend would be an understatement.

But it happened anyway.

And then THGGM stepped on the dog, who in turn bit THGGM on the foot.

Who knew?  The dog didn't like being stepped on.

THGGM didn't like being bitten on the foot either.

Neither seem to be seriously injured, but there are a few drops of blood on the carpet to commemorate the event.
But that did prompt THGGM to take another break from his project to help with some tree climbing.
No trees or children were harmed in the climbing there of.

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