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Monday, October 12, 2015

Sunday Sunset

We missed a visit last weekend due to sickness, but this weekend found us back in Grand Haven.

THIS time we planned for a sunset.

It's so weird how early those happen in mid October.
The waves were  incredible.
 There was a lot of this going on too.
Of course, we did not venture out on the pier.
 But other people did  There is someone standing on the end of the pier.  Nope.  That is NOT for me.
 The sunset was lovely.  This is the first one we have seen this year.  Not our first Lake Michigan sunset, but our first one from the Grand Haven beach.  I think THGGM likes to know that the Musical Fountain is OVER for good before he risks coming that close to it.  He hates it.  I don't.
 I love all the color that appears as the sun goes down.

And there he is, THGGM.

He is such a wonderful person.

But for some reason, he does not like the Musical Fountain.

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Melodee said...

Your photos are so beautiful!