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Monday, October 26, 2015

My Weekend Treasure

It was Kado's turn for a sleep-over.  This worked out great, as his family had tickets to a hockey game, and Kado does not enjoy hockey.  So, there was an open ticket for Jonge to bring his hockey loving friend.  Everyone was happy!
Since Kado likes to do the same things on his sleep-overs we went to Arby's for dinner, then to Micheal's for a bit of craft shopping, and on Saturday morning we went to my favorite thrift store store.  And that is where I found these two pretty treasures!  They are stamped Royal Ironstone China.  I also found a nice size piece of upholstery fabric in the shade of blue we just painted our entryway.  As soon as the painting is done around here, I am going to have a great time rearranging everything.
Maybe after Christmas.

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