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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Treasures Found Along the Way

When we returned home last Saturday, I unloaded all of our finds onto the coffee table.  

My normal habit would be to put them where I want them to go, but we (we = thggm) are painting over here.  One wall at a time.

This means that it may be sometime before things can go where they belong.
This tiny cup and saucer match the dishes I found at the thrift store last fall.

So fall-ish!

I found this at a new antiques mall in Waterford, WI.

Of course, I could not resist the picture of the little Dutch girl with her kitten.

So cute.

And only $5.00 at Benson Corners Antique Mall, a great place to shop!

See in the back there?  It's a 1969 vintage Fisher Price doll house.  We are already playing with it here. That came from the newly opened annex next door to the Benson Corners Antique Mall.
The word tiles, vintage top, and the board book came from a newly opened St. Vincent DePaul thrift store in Waterford.
The stack of books are from the new antiques mall.  I've been looking for these, so was especially happy to find them!
My new favorite antiques mall is in Gurney, IL.  

There I found this adorable Zells bowl.  In the past it was priced nearly out of my reach.  This piece was not.  Of course, a deal gives this Dutch girl a particular thrill.

(In this picture you can see the walls.  Most are still green, some are now freshly painted.)
This is a picture on a dinner size plate.  It isn't marked Zells, but it certainly does match all of my other pieces.

Not sure where this girls is pointing, but I'd like to think I would have followed her there.  (Here's hoping she is pointing to a thrift store!)

I'm getting excited to put this stuff on shelves.  Maybe that wall will be painted tonight.

 On our way home last Saturday we stopped at an antiques mall in Indiana.  It's another great one, like the one in Gurney, that has only REAL antiques.  This narrows down the clutter one usually has to look through before finding the good stuff.  Not that I'm against clutter, but I go to thrift stores expecting that, not antiques malls.  ANYWAY, there I found this baby bowl.  I don't really think of myself as a collector of baby bowls, but I do have a few, so I guess I must be one.  This bowl is of a smaller size than any of mine, and the pictures are still so clear!  It's stamped Germany, and was only $6.00.  I already know where this one will go as soon as I empty out the cabinet, move it, THGGM paints behind it, moves it back, and it gets reloaded.  I'm tired just thinking about that.  But won't it look cute?  I'm thinking it will, next to the doll head wearing a silk bonnet.  We shall see...
 This Johnson's Brother White Regency sugar and creamer set was a happy find too.  I'm learning (learning IS a process, isn't it?) to limit myself on this particular pattern, but I did not have a sugar and creamer so I bought it.  And since OFTEN I use paper plates, it WILL go with those also.  I believe that is some good thinking on my part, collecting serving pieces that match the paper plates.

I thought those little glass creamer bottles would work great for the creams I make out of coconut oil and essential oils.  I'll top them with a cute button.  At least in my imagination I will do this.  In reality, it remains to be seen.

One of the booths in the Indiana antiques mall had great deals on silver plate.  THGGM picked out eight spoons.  For some reason our silverware tends to get lost around here.

And aren't those cute blue and white mugs?  They are Dansk  and were a mere 59 cents at St. Vincent's.
This tiny cup and saucer is also Johnson Brothers.  The detail is so much clearer on these older pieces.

Someday, when I no longer have truck loads of young children around, I will set these out on stacks of vintage books all over my house.

And then I will have a good cry, because these wonderful days will be over.
Best of all, THGGM found this useful machinist box at Benson Corners.  It's a beautiful piece, which he found on a half off sale.  Although we are not sure yet just where we will put it, he did say that I could fill it up!  Picture me happy!  But, you know, happy in that superficial sort of way.  Yes, sometimes I do go there...


Mitzi said...

I love all your finds. I like to collect Johnson Bros dishes too.
You and THGGY have to be the best Grandparents ever! What a close lovely family you have.

Anonymous said...

So.much.stuff. Let us know when and if you decide to unload some of your stuff in a garage sale!