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Friday, November 20, 2015

Good-bye Lovely Fall Weather

They tell me that by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, there will more than likely be snow on the ground.  Today was just too lovely to sit around whining about that (for long, anyway) so I took the dog outside to wander around.  Those geraniums THGGM picked out in the spring are still blooming.  I'm sure this is the end of that.  And, look!  There are still leaves hanging on the trees! After all the wind we've had this surprises me.
On Monday morning Feintsje and I took Zeke for a walk.  At the soccer field at the end of the street there were flocks of geese.  At first, they didn't seem to mind us.  Then Zeke caught sight of them and thought he might be interested in taking a sniff.  The head goose of each of the flocks started honking, and then all at the same time they started flapping their wings and off they went.  But not before we got to be amazed by the sound of all those wings.

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