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Sunday, November 29, 2015

On Tuesday We Made Things!

It's usually on Monday that we make things, but Hertsje wasn't here on Monday.

It really doesn't take much to keep a three year old happy.

Or me, either!

A piece of black paper, a few cotton balls, a white colored pencil (or crayon) and some googly eye stickers.
Tomorrow we may add a thin piece of red ribbon for a scarf.


Because I think a little bit of color might be a nice touch.

We also spent some time working on a snow scene.  Two years ago Kado made me one for Christmas.  I got it out along with the other decorations, and Hertsje wanted to make one "just like it".

Well, after two years the one Kado made could use a bit of repair.  The tiny deer had fallen over, and the pipe cleaner figure making a snow angel in the fluff was a wee bit wedged up against the edge. The tiny bottle brush tree was leaning precariously.  Um, yeah.  That is EXACTLY how Hertsje wanted hers to be!  An upside down deer, a sideways laying figure, and a leaning tree.  Oh, dear.  I tried to talk her out of it, but I could not.  She is a very determined young lady.

Anyway.., so we compromised.  I told her that if we didn't glue it down she could just keep on playing with it!  She was fine with that, except that she wouldn't change anything.  It's still just the same.

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