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Monday, December 07, 2015

Monday Monday

Today I grabbed a few Christmas rubber stamps and we got to work stamping some Christmas cards!
 Famke was with us today.  She is the last of her family recovering from a nasty bug that sickened them for the past few days.
I made this card with two separate rubber stamps purchased for barely anything at different thrift stores.  It delighted me that I could join the two together seamlessly!  Now if only I could find my water proof stamp pad, I might try watercolor painting a few of these.
The week before Thanksgiving I sat contemplating the coming holidays.  I seemed so ready for them!
Now that a week of December is already in the books, it would be helpful if I could go back and tell that ME who was sitting down CONTEMPLATING the coming holidays to get over it and get busy! Oh, I still LOVE this time of year, and I am enjoying all that Christmas brings.  But I am already behind.  And tired.  Oh, so very tired.

1 comment:

Mitzi said...

I have been wondering where you have been.
It is mind boggling how fast the time has gone.Maybe if we had some snow, we would be more in the mood. I am behind like never before, but know it will all come together soon.
Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!