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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Random Things

1.  Normally, I am not a candle lighter.  I have a few cast iron muffin tins with candles.  These were unburned for years, until I just decided that it was time.  It was either that, or dust them.  And no, I haven't lit anything else on fire.  Although I almost set my camera strap on fire when attempting to take this picture.  There is just something about candle light that I love.  Isn't it pretty?
2.  If you most know, I have begun a bit of Christmas decorating.  I have no shame in doing this. Last Thursday Feintsje and I headed to the basement.  I opened up two large bins of Nutcrackers that used to belong to one of his uncles.  He was SO excited!  It was fun to have a partner in doing this.  He pointed out which ones needed gluing and sorted them by size for me.  These bins had not seen the light of day in the eight years we have lived here.  So, all of them were new to Feintsje.  Don't tell ANYONE, but Feintsje wants to surprise his cousin Hertsje with the nutcrackers.  She has only seen two of them.  Back in October Hertsje found a Little Golden Book about The Nutcracker Suite and she was enthralled with it.  A few days later I took the two of them into the storage room in the basement and let them each take out two of the big ones.  I love how Feintsje caught how excited SHE was, and wanted HER to be surprised by them.
3.  Today I put together a small Christmas tree using the red and white yo-yos I made last year at this time. As it turned out, I only had ONE left over after pinning them to the foam cone.  I'm not sure yet whether I like it or not.  Time will tell.
4.  The other thing I'm working on is a "count down to Christmas" thingy using the set of 25 cards I've had hung in my kitchen every December.  It needed an upgrade, so I dug out some Christmas scrapbook paper, found two metal rings, some Tinker Toys to hang them from, and glued away.  It will require a bit more embellishment, but I do think I will be pleased with the finished product.
5.  Oh!  And there is even one more thing!  I used a skirt hanger to pin all my old Christmas postcards to.  Not sure where I will put it, but that was another easy and inexpensive project using things I already had around the house.  I find the skirt hangers (this one has red clips) at the thrift store, where I also found some plaid ribbon, which was just the right amount to make a bow.  Besides the postcards, I clipped on bits of branches from artificial trees that are no longer in use.
6.  Wondering why I'm not just taking pictures of this stuff and posting it?  I'm finding that November light just doesn't cooperate.  Also, my GOOD camera is no longer working.  It seems that those things can only get knocked around so many times before they quit cooperating.  I've delayed having it checked out mostly because I fear the worst.  I do have another nice camera, but it also is not wanting to focus like it should.  I'm sure that if you google "She who can't have nice things" my picture will come up.
7.  Presently I am reading Elizabeth Gaskell's book about Charlotte Bronte.  Next up I will be reading Charlotte Bronte's "Shirley".  But mostly I read children's books.  About trucks.  And more trucks. And even more trucks.  I also spend quite a bit of my day looking out the window at trucks, and school buses, and if perchance a cement truck goes by we all nearly fall out of our chairs in delight!  Friday is garbage day, one can only imagine the joy that ensues here upon that day!
8.  THGGM and I have already begun listening to Christmas music.  I think anyone who has ever sang in a choir has no problem with Christmas music being played early.  One does need to prepare for those things, beginning in September at the latest.  That has stuck with me through the years.   THGGM has his headphones on now listening to his favorites, so thankfully, it isn't just me!
9.  Painting of the living room and dining room is STILL in process over here.  Left to do are the areas with heavy furniture.  One can always hope that it gets done soon.  I really do like it.  Sadly, our plans to remove the carpeting in those rooms has been put on hold.  Guess why.  No, I mean it.  GUESS WHY?  Did you guess?  Because there is NOT hardwood floors under it.  There is only plywood.  This was a very very sad day over here when we discovered that.  So, instead we are now busy trying to think of innovative ways to cover that huge stain in the doorway.  Oh, we have had it cleaned, and it does look good for a bit,  But the same old stain just keeps coming back, like annoying things tend to do.  The really strange thing is that it was our carpet cleaner that caused the stain.  Or, the person who shall not be named who was operating it.  He's not talking.  Last I checked we have no budget for new carpeting.
10.  On my list for today is tackling piles of books.  Soon I will be getting out the Christmas books but there are too many "every day" books that need sorting out.  For nearly 10 years now I have been buying children's books.  Now that Broeder is two, there are many baby type books that we no longer read.  I'm thinking that he may possibly be the last of the grandchildren for us, so when he is through with them I shall need to get rid of them.  Do you know how difficult this is going to be for someone like me?  All those memories involved in the reading of those books.  Yet, it must be done.  Except of course for the Sandra Boynton books, which I do on occasion read to myself when there are no children present.
Just because.


Anonymous said...

Oh Judy, having plywood under the carpet instead of real wood, that is surely a disappointment. Here it is the other way around, we asked for a discount, the woodlayer man was insulted, he was a PROfessional!, so we were paying full price and what did this porfessional do? He laid the first strip of woodplanks, ob=ver the short side of the chamber, which made it look boxy but he was the professional and took a beam at the top of the room as a guide, then he left the floorlaying to hius employee. When I was allowed to walk the floor it was hideous, he had started leftside of the beam and ended rightside, the professional boss that is. We protested and the endresult is we now have a lengthwise floor that is as straight as our house is, it did cost us a 1000,- guilders extra and we have vow two wooden floors under our feet, the doorpost needed to be shortened, but it looks so much better and we are happy with it for almost 30 years. But, the stain! Close your eyes and imagine a painted over stain, with apropriate stainer for your type of carpet and a stencil of the apropriate size, maybe doing two or three of them, it will be a speaking point and it could be fun (like a St. Jacobs Shell or pawprint from a dog or even a wooden shoe), because I guess it will only be there for at the most a few years. You have to row with the oars you were given, it is a Dutch saying and well, it makes sence in a way, because otherwise you will keep disgusted every time you see the stain. so make a joke of your stain or maybe even a thing of beauty. Succes, DM

Debra said...

Always love your random posts! (Sorry about your floor...) Always great to hear about children's books from someone else--aren't they so relaxing during these crazy days of our world? Thanks for commenting at my blog this morning--let me know if you do the flower pot and candle idea, ok? :) I'm having fun playing with my new candle toy. heh. Blessings, Debra

Rebecca said...

Yes to candles.
And I identify with you as you part with a few children's books. It is SO difficult.
Actually, I can identify with SEVERAL things in between candles and books, but I forget which ones. Oh1 Christmas music--FOR SURE....