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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weeks End

Over the weekend it was Jonge's turn for a sleep-over.

I'm sure that THGGM and I enjoy this just as much, if not more, than the kids do.

There is just something about one on one time with them that I can't seem to get enough of.

So, after we did all of our usual sleep-over things, we did some extra stuff.

Like, Jonge helped Pake gather up more leaves.  There will be at least another week or so before all of our leaves are down, but THGGM likes to keep up with it.

Since it is November, I was doing what I always do in November, working on Christmas-related stuff.
So while I did that, I got to spend time chatting with Jonge.
That is always fun.
He is interesting.
While we were talking we witnessed a fight between the neighbors across the street from us.  Well, is it actually a fight if it only involves one of two people?  The man was mowing the lawn, the woman was ranting and raving and flailing her arms all over the place, then threw a drink in his face.  He never even flinched.  Just kept mowing the lawn.  Same with the kids in the yard.  No one paid any attention at all to her.
We do not know these neighbors at all, as there is a 45 mile an hour speed limit separating us.
Sometimes, that isn't a bad thing.  They don't seem like the chummy sort anyway.

The siblings came later in the day.  They got in a bit of outdoor playing while the sun was still shining.  Lately, their favorite thing to play is "spies".  Last year at this time it was snowing, so we are taking advantage of the decent fall weather as much as possible.
Sigh... fall.
I love fall!

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