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Monday, November 23, 2015

Snowy Weekend

This weekend it was Famke's turn for HER sleep-over!  It was especially exciting because on Saturday we woke up to see the FIRST measurable snow of the season. On Friday night her mom even stopped over to do crafts and watch a movie with us.  Dad and the brothers had tickets to a Griffons Hockey game.  We watched the American Girl movie about Kit.  I LOVED it.
On Saturday morning we ventured out into the snowy wonderland to go to the thrift store.  I did not find much, but did get a few small Christmas gifts.  Famke found two shirts that she liked.  From there we went to Michaels.  I thought there would be swarms of people, but we ran into NO traffic, and only the normal amount of Saturday shoppers.  I didn't find anything that I could not live without.  Famke found the cool glasses she is wearing in the picture.  Famke got to choose where to go for lunch, and she chose Hunan!   Yay!
In the afternoon I drug up boxes from the basement.  Nothing like the first snow to inspire some Christmas decorating!  I had a very willing helper too.  Famke has good design instincts.  All it took was the emptying out of a cabinet, pointing her in the direction of the snowmen, the skating people, and the bottle brush trees!  She made all the magic happen herself.  Of course, there shall be pictures.  Later.  When the light cooperates.

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