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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This Week We Made Stuff on Tuesday

Feintsje was here for awhile today.

We watched a video together on how to make tiny bunnies with just a wooden bead and two  pipe cleaners.

It looked too easy to be true, but we tried it anyway.

Our beads were a bit bigger than the ones in the instructions, but we were quite pleased with how ours turned out.

Feintje chose orange for his, as orange is his favorite color.
It only took a couple of minutes to make these.

That's the best kind of craft for young children.

And old grandmas.
Feintsje doesn't usually enjoy crafting all that much, so he was more like my design assistant.

He chose the colors, I did the shaping of the bunnies and the coloring on of their faces.

And then he left to go home, and his orange bunny went with him, as well it should have.

But the basket looked rather empty.
So, I made four more bunnies, dug through my Easter stuff for a few eggs, and put them all together in the little blue basket,

Shhh.  They're sleeping.

It's a fluffle of bunnies.  No, really, it is!  A group of bunnies is called a fluffle.

How do I know?  Google told me so!

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Anonymous said...

Those are so adorable! Those faces! They would make good quiet-time toy for a small child in church - or restaurant - or whatever.