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Sunday, March 06, 2016

It Worked!

 For the 10's of you who read my last post, I just wanted you to know that I made a NEW chair for the AG doll, and it turn out just fine this time!


Little victories like this spur me on to make more stuff out of things I have around the house, or can pick up cheaply at a thrift or craft store.

Essentially all it took was the use of the large oatmeal container.

I used the height of the first chair, and then traced around a paper plate to get the curve that I wanted for the back.

And again, I just glued on some nice quality scrapbook paper. Nothing fancy here.

Oh, and I did not use ANY hot glue on this one, just plain old Elmers.
I found this teak wood thingy at the thrift store yesterday. It looked like it would match nicely with a candlestick I already had.

And it did!

Just look at that.

Now the AG doll has a parlor table too.
With a thrifted doily as a table cloth.  

This chair fits her MUCH better.

The wooden "seat" is the base from a glass dome.  I have the glass dome on an ironstone plate, so this wasn't being used.

I think it works great here!

I'm still not sure if it will hold up with the younger crowd, but for the aged (me!) it works just fine.

It didn't cost anything, so I'm not TOO worried.

,See how simple?

Measure around to the height you want, trace around a paper plate to get the shape of the back, then cut out (I used a blade).
I think I can get another chair out of the piece I cut out too.

I haven't thought that far yet.

It does have sort of a modern look to it - I may try to cover it with fabric and make a little round pillow for the inside.

Who knows?

It did get me away from making more bunnies though.  Those bunnies.  They multiplied QUICKLY.


Mitzi said...

You are so clever I may not comment everytime, but read every blog you write. It is always a pleasure.

rebecca said...

What Mitzi said ♥

Karen said...

I third that -- you ARE clever. I will tuck this idea away for when my granddaughters are old enough to have American-girl-type dolls. I can't wait!

Debra said...

What a perfect little table and chair! I totally know what you mean about now wanting to make something else. There's just something creative in the air this time of year, right? I'm nearly obsessed with wanting to creatively fix some little problems around here which annoyed me all winter. :) Again, great job! Blessings, Debra

Judy said...

Aww. Thank you ALL for the comments!