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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Good Ideas

Um. When I get an idea, I do tend to get carried away with it.

So, I've laid out on my dining room table just a sampling of what I hope to work on over the next few days.

Hertsje really wants a couch for her AG doll.

Jonge gifted me with this box.  He was going to use it for baseball cards, but he is a kindhearted cousin and gave this up for me to attempt couch-making with.

I may have to make a few to get it right.  I, of course, like the brown and green plaid, but Hertsje's doll would prefer a bit more flair so I'll do that for her.

I'm waiting on batting to cover it in, and paint stir sticks to hold it up in the back.
She also wanted a tutu for her doll. So a tutu she shall have!

In the background you can see my first attempt at covering the next chair I had hoped to make. I was almost ready to go with it when THGGM pointed out that it looks like a car seat.

Now all I can see is a car seat.

Hmm.  We shall see what happens next...

Then I remembered about an old lap desk I found many long years ago.  I used to keep my journals, pens, and whatever books I was currently reading in it.  But with the advent of lap tops and Kindles I had put it away.  Does this not work PERFECTLY for a desk for the AMG doll?

I did some shopping from my basement to see what I already had on hand, and found a few things that just may work.

But not four legs for the desk.

I may have to hit a hardware store for those.

But I did find what would work for bun feet for the couch, and maybe some legs for another chair.
Ooo!  And some small PAINTED beads!

There my be more bunnies in my near future.

You know how those things multiply...
So, I'm thinking a bit of stuffing to cushion the back, and maybe a small pillow for the seat, and this could make a suitable chair.

It's a nice height for a chair with the spool legs, and could work as a bench with the lid shut.
For now it's being held up with four blocks, but I do think spindles would look better.

Oh, and those heavy cardboard tubes.., maybe arm rests for the eventual couch.

And as an added bonus, I found a dozen paper eggs in the basement!

Just in time.

Usually I find things AFTER the holiday I bought them for, so this was a nice surprise.

And now you know what I plan to be doing in the next few days.


(and for the record, because we have established that there IS a record, i have folded and put away those two baskets of laundry in the background.  yes.  indeed i have.)

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