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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Random Thoughts for a Thursday Morning

1.  It has been a lovely week here in West Michigan. Yesterday THGGM took the kids for the first walk around the block of 2016.  No wagon, no stroller, everyone on foot, well, except for the two that don't show up in this picture.  They were on scooters. It was a bit drizzly on and off, but nobody seemed to mind.
Oldest Son and DiL1 are vacationing this week in Southern California.  It's been warmer here.  When they left on Saturday there were still 8 inches of snow on the ground with more falling.  Oh, how things change!

2. This weekend will be Jonge's sleep over.  THGGM has plans to take him to see Zootopia.  I have a great Michael's coupon, and he also likes looking for sports equipment and team shirts at the thrift stores.  Fun for all and all for fun!

3.  I am reading Pride and Prejudice for at least the 4th time.  I recently watched the movie, and after this next read through I'm planning to watch the BBC series from 1995.
4.  Have you voted yet?  The Michigan primary was on Tuesday.  It was a lovely day.  I shall have you know that we WALKED there.  I shall also have you know that we vote at a church gym just four houses down from us, but still.  We walked. The weather was balmy.  We went at 4:00 and there was no line.  We were #222 and #223.  I am not at all looking forward to this year of political weirdness. I'd like to think it has never been like this before, but truly, is there anything new under the sun?  I've heard from a wise source that there isn't.  Anyway, after we voted we went to Arnie's for their buy-one-get-one free Shuffles.  And a free cupcake.  Because after the pain of voting we needed a reward.  At least that is what THGGM told me and I agreed with him.
See?  Proof that I voted too!
5.  I did well thrift shopping over the weekend.  I found a nice choice of brightly colored yarn.  I see several new pillows and blankets in the AG doll's future.  And Michael's had some cute Easter stamps in the dollar bin.    AND I had a 15% off my total purchase coupon.  So, cheap fun for sure!

6.  NEXT weekend THGGM intends to finish painting the living room and dining room.  All that is left is painting above and behind all the heavy pieces of furniture, of which we have several.  Fun times.
7.  And look what I ordered from Amazon! Loom Loops for potholder making!  I am hoping that Famke enjoys this as much as I do.  Actually, I don't believe I ever "enjoyed" making them, but now I know this is because I didn't know how to use the hook to do the weaving.  Now it seems so easy and again I wonder WHY OH WHY I never stop to study the directions. Nope, I just charge in full speed ahead thinking I'll work it out as I go.  Years later I figure I would have most likely had an easier life had I been a directions follower when it comes to things like this.  I highly doubt that I'll change though. I'm old and maybe just a wee bit set in my ways.  But surely, only a wee bit.  Teensy even.
8.  On Tuesday afternoon Zeke and I headed into the backyard for the first time since, say, November.  Well, Zeke has been there many times a day this winter, but not with me.  There will be much cleaning up to do before the annual cousins Easter Egg hunt of 2016.  Much.   Anyway.., we both enjoyed stretching out our feet and listening to the sounds of birds.  I did make a recording of the singing birds, but it was so overwhelmed by the sound of traffic that it wasn't all that pretty.
Do note my new "shoes".  One of the very first things I learned about having diabetes is that one should always wear shoes.  I do not like to wear shoes.  I prefer bare feet, even in the winter.  I hate stepping in melted snow in socks, so it's usually bare feet for me.  But, I AM always on the look-out for a type of shoe that I could stand to wear all the time.  I found these quite by accident on-line one day.  They are called FitKicks and I love them!  So much so that I would buy another pair if they came in a color combo that was pleasing to me.  But alas, this was the only color that comes close to pleasing me. I'm not into putting bright colors on my feet as they are already noticeable enough due to their enormous size.
9.  I'm thinking that it's time to put away the snowman dishes. This year I was able to add one more mug to my collection.  I now have twenty.  I'm hoping to someday have enough so that at the BIG family Christmas party I have enough for EVERYONE to have one.  I get weird ideas like this all the time.  So, I look for years to find enough mugs for that ONE DAY a year we are all here.  And then, eh hem, a lot of paper products are used. But still, isn't it the HUNT that is exciting?  And the one I found was only 50 cents.

10.  I must tell you here how proud I am of Son-in-law.  To make a REALLY looong story short, two weeks ago a fire broke out at the condo's behind their house.  It was just before six pm and in the middle of the worst snow storm we have had here this winter.  Daughter noticed the smoke first, gathered up the kids, and called 911. Son-in-law was the first to notice the flames leaping from a condo visible from their back windows.  He flew into action, knowing that Daughter had the kids at the ready and had made the call, he ran to the condos and started knocking on doors. Since the wind was blowing strongly from the north, no one IN the other three condos had smoke (four attached condos in a condo development), while Daughter's house was totally engulfed in it.  He encouraged and helped EVERYONE to leave immediately and asked those he saw already out if EVERYONE had gotten out.  He was told "yes".  As soon as the fire department arrived he returned home.  It took some time to get it knocked down.  The grand kids got to watch the fire heroes in action.  It was a terrifying night for everyone, but they learned a lot about so many different things. Since it was also the week of the mass shooting in Kalamazoo, not much was heard about this fire, as all the news sources were busy covering that, which is understandable.
Picture by Jonge
 But, it was learned the next day that a forty-something man was found unconscious in the garage of the condo where the fire originated. Son-in-law felt terrible about this, as he asked and was told that everyone made it out.  Thankfully, this man has recently left the hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation.  Two days after the fire Daughter and Son-in-law had a knock on their front door.  It was one of the couples from the condos behind them.  They came to personally thank Son-in-law for knocking on their door and alerting them of the fire.  They were able to escape unharmed with their cats.  A house fire is a terrible thing.  But good neighbors, like Son-in-law, are great to have around.


Mitzi said...

Fires are frightening things.When I was young our neighbors lost their house in a fire. I had nightmares for months afterwards. Good job son in law!
I have those same snowman dishes. Like you I usually use heavy paper plates when we are all together, but always enjoy adding a new piece to my collection when I find them cheap.
Happy soon to be spring.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog today for the first time and let me tell you, U R NOT BORING! I enjoyed your writing, it's fun. I laughed quite a bit. I bookmarked the site so I can come again.

I read the posts about your AG doll and the furniture you are making. Very creative! Very cute! Pam

Judy said...

Thank you for stopping by Mitzi! Is there a way I can contact you? I used to be able to reply to your comments, but I no longer can. I am interested in how your house is coming along!

And welcome Pam! Thank you for stopping by. Do come again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, after a long time again commenting on your blog. Watch that yarn at n5, 5 with the hooking needle. Seems to me (I have told you about my at least 58 years and something more wxpierience with needles and threads of all kinds, that yarn looks to me to be the "nit or hook a far too large one - like socks or mittens and then shrink in a hot soapy water, like felting yarn, so maybe take a 4 inck piece, rub it, and then pour boiling water over the dishwasher soaped piece or let it stand in hot soapy water for a while, just to be sure it does not shrink, otherwise tears will fall. DM