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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Be Nice to the Girl with the Headache

I have a headache today.  After decades of being tormented by migraines, it's been nice to be free of those for awhile.  But, today a headache has found me, so I feel a bit weird and talkative.  Now with that as your warning, I shall ramble on and on about my unique thrift find from yesterday.
Mostly, I was looking for roller blades/skates as a few of the grand kids have taken an interest in that. And, I DID find a pair that looked to be in good shape, and for only $4.00.  That made me happy in that "thrift store find" sort of way.  Then I sauntered over to the antiques section, where I rarely find anything that is my idea of an antique.  And did you see what I found there?!

Oh, I bet YOU see a box of weird vintage-y record coasters.  And of course, you would be correct, as they are exactly as the box states.

Now guess what I saw?

I'm waiting...

Still waiting...

I saw a record collection for the American Girl doll who now lives in a very nice room in my basement!

Do you see it now too?!

Okay, well maybe not.  I'm sure this is just another one of my weird Judy finds.  Truly though, it made me insanely happy to find something that will work so well!  I've already shown them to Famke, and she thought they were cool too!  So, at her next sleepover we shall pick out a wooden box (i have many, many shapes and sizes of small wooden boxes) and see if we can turn it into a record player.  I think we will be able to do that.  Famke is very creative that way.

I just hope she lets me play!

Oh, and just out of curiosity I checked Ebay to see if anyone had a set of these for sale.  I found one.  They were asking $30 MORE than what I paid for the same set.  I did think about selling them, but when I saw that Famke saw them the same way I did, I knew that we would keep them for our dolls.

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