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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Yawning About Awnings

I know it isn't an interesting topic, but this is what is happening with our awning situation.  The top picture shows the awnings last week, after THGGM painted them a light color with a bright blue stripe.  I didn't like it.  Thankfully, I did not whine nor complain about them, I just stated that I did not like it.  You can like them if YOU want to, but you don't live here, so your vote doesn't count.  I DO live here, and felt that mine should.  But I wasn't given that option.
 Anyway.., THGGM decided on his own that he didn't like it either.  So this morning he painted the blue stripes a brighter maroon than the original color.  I do like this.  This side of the house is ugly.  And since we have lost a very large old maple tree, more of it shows than in the past.  On the bright side, things might actually grow there now.  That would be a plus.  I'm wondering if morning glories would climb all the assorted poles and wires, or is that not a good idea?  My parents had hollyhocks on the south side of their house, but I'm still not sure what I'll try.  Any suggestions? (no, really.  even though you don't live here, i'll take suggestions!)
I'm also thankful that THGGM didn't paint the front awnings until today.  At least he will not have to repaint those!
Where the pile of sand is in the picture above (nothing on blogger is lining up like i want it to) is where the large maple was removed.  THGGM called the city to ask who was responsible for fixing it up.  They said that they were, but there are 500 people in line before us.  Ugh.  This does not help the ugly side of the house.  No.  It does not.  And see the blooms on my magnolia tree?  There are still a few more left to open up, but certainly not the gorgeous showing we were used to.  While driving around today we noticed several other magnolia trees in this same condition.  I know it's just a tree.., sigh...
Anyway.., the awning debacle has been solved without my whining or complaining (to thggm) and I didn't even have to paint a clown mural over the fireplace to prove my point!  Don't you just love it when things work out?!


Debra said...

How funny! I saw the blue on the first awning photo and thought, "Hmmm... I think something in the red family might be a bit nicer." Then voila! The next photo looked just right. :)

If it's truly a southern exposure--go crazy! A zillion plants love a ton of sun. Or how about planting tomatoes? :)

Happy about your awnings! ... Debra

Anonymous said...

How about a trellis with a clematis vine?