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Friday, April 22, 2016

A Few Pictures of My Littlest Peeps

In case you have been wondering, it's been business as usual around here.  And oh what a BLESSING to be able to play outside again!
Those two kids on the left?  There are times, many times, when they remind me of an old married couple.  They have been together for four years, and know each other very well.

No more chubby baby legs on these kids.

Broeder would like you to know that he now goes potty on the big boy potty.

How did that happen?

Wasn't he just born?

Isn't he the BABY?

Oh, my.
Feintsje is a deep thinker.

He thinks deeply about hockey and baseball.

Those are his favorites.

He wants to be a hockey player who drives a garbage truck.

Hertsje loves her gymnastics class.  She wants to be a princess.  A princess that does gymnastics.  I really like how these pictures came out.  They weren't really great pictures, but I used a new setting at Picmonkey.com, called Silverscreen, and then faded them to about 40%.  That made all the difference.  Of course, my subjects are adorable to me just as they are, but this brought out something, not sure what, that I like.

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