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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Finds. Some Fun, Some Not So Fun

Last week I caught the bug that the grandchildren had been passing around.

Of course, being the proud grandmother that I am I must brag about their sweetness of sharing everything with me.  Isn't it darling? One hears of so many children these days who do not share, or even take turns.  So rest assured, dear reader, that MY grandchildren do it often, and do it well.

Anyway, so while I was sick and recovering I read more Jane Austen.  I also watched Sense and Sensibility.

And, I noticed a few things around me that needed to be photographed.

See the three new canisters on the bottom shelf of this cabinet?
 I found those three at my local thrift store!  They were part of a larger set, but I settled on these three, and one smaller spice jar.  Sometimes I use the blocks from the block box for my own intents and purposes.  Shh.  Do NOT tell.
This lovely Dresden pitcher was an antique store find, and for a great price.
Charming pictures on BOTH sides!

Presently I have the sweet scene of the child rocking a baby showing.

But, someday I may want to look at the back of two Dutch men, and all I shall have to do is turn it around to do that.

That is a "win/win" in my book.

Over the weekend I found a cute colorful spring floral bush at Michael's for 40% off.

I think it works well here.

If you don't, don't tell me, as I like to maintain my illusions.
This pitcher was also found at my local thrift store.

The flowers were also a Michael's find, but alas, only 30% off. There are times, and causes, for which I will splurge.
It's like nothing else I have, which may seem odd, but I DO have a few other pieces of transfer ware in other colors, so it does SORT OF go with things I already have, if one is willing to use one's imagination.

In other news, THGGM is painting our awnings.  I don't like it.  He loves it.  I was not consulted about the color.  It's a GOOD color, actually my FAVORITE color, but not for awning stripes.

I add this only to show you that my life is not perfect.  I have to put up with a stubborn Dutch guy who thinks he can make important decisions about things like the color of the awning stripes on his own.

But mostly, I am upset about our magnolia tree.  It only has about a dozen blooms on it this year.  I believe this means it is dead, or nearly dead, and this saddens me.  Then last night I found a dead little bunny in our backyard.

I love Spring, but like everything else, it has it's downsides.

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Mitzi said...

You have the best luck at your thrift stores.I love both of the pitchers. I have just about given up even going into thrift stores. Having just moved into a condo, I keep telling myself there is nothing more I need. However yard sales are starting... ha.