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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Few More Thrifty Finds

Just a few recent thrift store finds!

A new chair for our American Girl doll.

Fits her perfectly.

This was $2.00, and we used a 20% off punch card too.

I also buy vintage hankies whenever I see them for a dollar.

Besides their intended use, they made great scarves, shawls, aprons, and what have you for our dolls!
And would you look at this!

I found an antique baby bottle at the thrift store!

For under $3.00.

It has two bunnies embossed on the glass.


Today I made yarn and pipe cleaner dandelions.

The baby bottle works wonderfully as a dandelion vase, don't you think?
I found the yarn that I used for these flowers at the thrift store too.

Lately Hertsje has been crazy about dalmations.  So, when I found this book, for under $.50 I had to buy it.  My up north sister came over today and read it to them (this was the scary part).

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