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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Coldest May 14 I Can Remember

The day started out well enough.
THGGM left early in the morning to watch Oldest Son run in his second
River Bank Run.
He came home in time for us to make a quick thrift store stop before we went to Jonge's first baseball game of the season.
I did well at the thrift store.  Two summer shirts AND a nice wooden chair that will work well with our American Girl doll stuff!
Doesn't it look like a lovely day for a baseball game?

 We knew it would be cold, in the low 40's, so we dressed for it.

I even insisted that THGGM buy a nice warm coffee that we could use as hand warmers.
Jonge did well at bat, and also did some great fielding, including snagging this grounder.
Then the wind blew.
And the hail came.
After that it was downright COLD, rainy, and miserable.  
But we are a hardy folk.
We stuck it out.
I told Kado to look around.
This is what love looks like.
Family all huddled together for warmth.
Apparently, this league does not call off games unless there is thunder and lightening.
There wasn't any.
But after a few good innings and a couple of ghastly miserable ones both teams agreed to call it quits.

This was possibly because no one on the field could feel their hands anymore.
I could only imagine.
We had coats, chairs, blankets, umbrellas and a warm drink and all of my extremities were dangerously close to breaking off.
But we won!
As soon as I got home I got out of my wet things and crawled under a quilt.
THGGM kindly brought me hot chocolate.
I finished the book, which was sent to me by a long time blogging friend.
It's SOOO good!  I highly recommend anything by Susan Branch, but this will always be my favorite!
And, it's 11:45 on Saturday night and I am STILL under that quilt.
I just cannot seem to get warm!

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